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Other curricular activities include; Field trips(Local and International), Sporting activities such as Football, Basketball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Softball, Taekwondo e.t.c., Club activities like JET club, Press club, Drama, Coding, Literary and Debate, Arabic and Qur’an club.
Yes, we adopt the Montessori method of education. It is intensive as we work towards the main goal which is nurturing each childs natural desire for knowledge, understanding and respect. Children are allowed to make creative choices in their learning while the classroom and the highly trained teachers offer age- appropriate activities to guide the process.
20 students per class in the Nursery and Grade Sections.
24 students per class in the Secondary Section.
Students who experience challenges in their academics may need intervention classes to put them on the right track. This is one of the reasons why the school organizes intervention classes. In intervention classes, topics taught during the regular classes are broaden and expantiated. This allows for advancement of knowledge and wider understanding of such topics.
Students with low retentive ability and the average learners may sometimes, not have a better grasp of what is taught in the classroom where their academic performance is expected to be measured, equally, using the same parameters as the fast learners. This has proven to be effective in meeting the academic needs of such the students.
Students with academic challenges are identified from general assessments in classroom activities. Because we want the best out of our students, teachers are made to identify learners with these needs in their respective subjects.
The progress on each intellect is regularly checked in general classroom exercises. By so doing, concerned facilitators are required to monitor their progress before periodic assessments. List of intervention Classes available Saturday classes: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm Evening classes: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm Early morning classes: 6:55 am - 6:30 am.
Parents/students will be given their login details after completing their registration process and Admission into the school. They will be guided on how to use the portal as well.
It is compulsory for student in the Grade and Secondary to perform Solatul Asr in the school before going home.
Only students preparing for their final year examinations are allowed to stay in the hostel during this period.
Yes, for intervention classes only.
School closes at 2:30pm (after Solatul Zuhr) during examination period.

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Create an internationally known environment for Secular, Islamic and Moral Education.

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To mould intellects by helping them develop higher order thinking skills, a chaste mind with high level of purity and morals, using a combination of core knowledge Calendar, Qur'an and direct instructions.


We are driven by our passion for children with an understanding of what it takes to work with them. To this end, we fully accept the challenge of facilitating learning with the use of respect as a touchstone for our actions. Because we are aware that our students are watching, we deliberately model values we expect them to imbibe and ensure that they feel loved, cared for and supported always.

Our Core Values

At CIIS, our word is our bond. We have strong internal guiding principles that we do not compromise. Integrity is reflected in our thinking, attitudes, and actions. When we say we can offer the best educational services, you can trust us to keep our word. There is no room for mediocrity. Excellence is our signature.